Powerful preventive care

With chronic conditions' prevalence increasing, early identification is more important than ever. VSP® can help you build a wider safety net to catch chronic conditions like diabetes early, before costly symptoms emerge.

Diabetes is expensive

Diabetes prevalence is growing to epidemic proportions. For every 1,000 employees, 210 will have diabetes by 2025, costing you $586,000 in the first two years after diagnosis.1

DeltaVision® helps you take control

better access Better access
More VSP members get a WellVision Exam®, so you get six times the opportunity for earlier detection.2
earlier detection Earlier detection
VSP doctors detect signs of diabetes before other healthcare providers 34% of the time.3
engagement Proactive engagement
After VSP sends complimentary reminders to employees with diabetes, 22% more return for an exam.
Healthcare costs
Savings average $2,787 over two years for every employee who seeks medical care for diabetes after a WellVision Exam.3

A vision plan that can help detect health conditions early so you can intervene quickly? Now that’s Smarter Vision Care™.

Five things your vision plan should do to help you manage chronic conditions:

  What a vision plan should do How DeltaVision Delivers

number 1

Create a plan your employees will use.
Vision care is only preventive care if employees use it.

DeltaVision delivers what your employees want most.
  • Lowest out-of-pocket costs
  • Largest network of independent providers
  • Widest selection of eyewear
  • number 2 Identify chronic conditions earlier.
    A comprehensive eye exam with dilation can reveal diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

    DeltaVision doctors often detect signs of chronic conditions before other healthcare providers.
  • Diabetes: 34% of the time
  • Hypertension: 39% of the time
  • High cholesterol: 62% of the time

  • number 3

    Collect actionable data.
    Your health plan needs specific data to proactively manage chronic conditions.

    DeltaVision has collected chronic conditions data for more than 4 million members.
  • Diabetes, diabetic retinopathy
  • Hypertension, high cholesterol
  • Glaucoma, macular degeneration

  • number 4

    Connect employees with the care they need.
    Sharing HIPAA-compliant data gets more members in wellness programs.
    DeltaVision shares HIPAA-compliant data with:
  • Primary care physicians
  • More than 150 health plans and wellness vendors

  • number 5

    Track and share results.
    Your vision partner should help you improve employee health and productivity, while lowering healthcare costs.

    An independent study showed for every 1,000 employees, you can save $80,274 with DeltaVision over two years:
  • $14,765: diabetes
  • $35,739: hypertension
  • $29,770: high cholesterol

  • DeltaVision is the only managed vision company that delivers on all five points—and we have the research to prove it. Put Smarter Vision Care to work for you.

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