Employer - small business dental and vision insurance plans

Great benefits, easy to administer, with plenty of employer- and employee-paid options

Our Small Business dental program offers more of what you need – and less of what you don't. Delta Dental of New Jersey has the right combination of plans, services, and price for groups with 2-50 members.

Why choose Delta Dental Small Business Dental Plans? It’s simple, really.

Employees are a small business owner’s greatest investment, and it’s difficult to balance protecting employee health and managing a budget. That’s why we’ve specially designed a portfolio of dental plans to help small businesses meet their benefits goals — simply. We deliver valuable dental benefits at affordable rates, we eliminate complicated benefit administration, and we cover more than the bare minimum with rich plan designs and optional features.

Our Small Business Dental Program offers rate stability

We work hard to keep rates consistent year after year. Our rates don’t include hidden fees or set-up charges, so clients know what to expect from enrollment to claims processing. We specialize in dental benefits. Our rates reflect the true cost of the plan with no cost shifting to other lines of coverage.

We design our portfolio of small business dental plans to fit any budget.

We offer the power of choice regarding contribution levels, network participation, and optional features to suit any benefits strategy. Plan options, such as PPO Plus Premier or voluntary coverage, are attractive for employers and employees alike. Our plans are easy to use and designed to fit any budget, helping employers offer quality dental benefits at an affordable cost.

We keep it simple — from claims to customer service.

Our industry-leading dentist networks make it easy to find network savings. Our enrollee online services offer self-service tools that can answer employee questions, so small business owners can focus on their business. We have dedicated customer service lines with live representatives to assist enrollees. We are fast and accurate. Our dental-specific IT platforms process claims with more than 99% accuracy.

Introducing DeltaVision® – a vision plan with teeth.

Delta Dental has partnered with VSP1 Vision Care – a national leader in vision benefits – to offer an exciting new addition to our dental benefits programs. DeltaVision was created exclusively for our Delta Dental customers and is available only in combination with a Delta Dental group plan. VSP is well known for their best-in-class vision programs, making them the ideal complement to our dental program.

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