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How Electronic Claims Work

After inputting claim information, your office "sends" the data through a modem to an electronic claims clearinghouse. The clearinghouse collects your claim information, screens it for proper formatting and missing information, and delivers it to an electronic "mailbox" for daily pickup by Delta Dental’s computer system. A claim error (e.g., no Social Security number) is transmitted back to your office by the clearinghouse. If the claim contains no errors, the clearinghouse can transmit the claim to Delta Dental.

Delta Dental’s computer receives the claim, so it can be stored and processed, and generates an acknowledgment to the clearinghouse. The clearinghouse provides you with status reports through your office computer. These reports indicate whether additional information is needed, and enable you to verify that your claims have reached Delta Dental. From start to finish, the entire process takes approximately 48 hours.

Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC's Electronic Attachment Service

Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC's Electronic Attachment Service enables dentists to submit scanned images, digital attachments, X-rays, and other diagnostic material to Delta Dental via the Internet. At this time, Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC is offering this service at no additional cost to the dentist. Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC also can receive your electronic claims, and send them directly to Delta Dental. For more information about the Tesia Clearinghouse, LLC electronic attachment option, please visit, or call 800-724-7240. Be sure to mention Delta Dental of Connecticut.

FastAttach™ with NEA

FastAttach allows dentists to electronically transmit dental x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, and narratives to payors for claims payment.

Why should you choose FastAttach?

  • Reduce number of mailed claims with attachments
  • Increase number of electronic claims with complete information
  • Excellent image quality
  • Simple to implement and use at a very low cost
  • Expert customer service for any electronic attachment issues with payors
  • How does FastAttach Work?