Why choose DeltaVision®?

Here's how DeltaVision benefits you:

  • The largest network of participating opticians nationwide. You can easily take full advantage of their benefits and in-network savings.
  • Innovative benefit programs. They feature lots of included extras, such as discounts on LASIK, additional pairs of glasses, and more.
  • World-class customer service. VSP consistently earns a 99% satisfaction rating from members.
  • Supports their health and wellness. Both dental and vision benefits encourage people to look after their health. Dentists and eye doctors are both trained to detect early signs of many conditions, which can lead to earlier intervention and better overall health.

Flexible, quality benefits with the award-winning customer service your clients have come to expect – that’s DeltaVision.

DeltaVision plans are only available to groups that have or are purchasing a dental plan from Delta Dental.

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