Dental visits during COVID-19

Dentists are seeing emergency patients only; learn what a dental emergency is and how to handle it.

Are dental offices still open?
Per professional dental organization and government guidelines, dental offices are closed except for emergency dental care – and some dental offices have closed for all visits, including emergencies. Routine visits will need to be rescheduled once it is considered safe to do so.

What is classified as a dental emergency?
A dental emergency generally includes the following symptoms: severe pain, acute infection, swelling, and/or persistent bleeding. We suggest that a person experiencing any of these symptoms contact their regular dentist to schedule an appointment and guide their care options.

What if I have a dental emergency and my dental office is closed?
If a dental office is closed, visit to find a New Jersey dentist who is taking emergency cases. At the time of this writing, there are many dentists who are willing to see patients in emergency situations.

If you reside outside of Connecticut please visit DeltaDentalCT.Com/FindaDentist to find and contact nearby dentists to determine their emergency availability.

What if I can’t find a dentist in my network who is open?
We encourage our members to take care of their dental health needs. If an in-network provider is not available within a reasonable distance and you need to visit an out-of-network provider, your claim should be submitted as it normally would with a statement about your situation. We will review and consider claims as we receive them, and we will work with you and the provider to resolve any issues.

Should I go to an emergency room?
We encourage you to make every effort to visit a dentist first, whether it is your normal dentist or another, before going to the emergency room. This will help minimize exposure to COVID-19 and keep emergency room resources available for those with potentially life-threatening illnesses